Using the very best ingredients nature & science have to offer.

Abstrakt was founded by a group of like minded cannabis connoisseurs. With over 50 years of combined industry experience our goal is to provide a high quality, clean vape product that our customers will love. Our team is dedicated to producing the highest quality product, utilizing premium hardware to make sure our customers get the best possible vaping experience.

Abstrakt is led by our passion for the customer and consumer. Our mission is to be the premier cannabis vape company through an unrelenting commitment to the community, product quality, and product innovation. Redefining the standard of top-grade distillate, unique flavor profiles and smooth delivery is what separates Abstrakt from the competition. With our proprietary blend of solvent-free THC distillate and all-natural terpenes, we strive for a high quality product in each cartridge we create. We dare to be unconventional. We dare to be creative. We dare to be Abstrakt.

There Are NO Shortcuts To Perfection!

Abstrakt is the premier vape company due to our partnership with our grow-house, distillate process, formulations, and fair pricing. All of these things are in-house, which allows us to control the full lifecycle of our product guaranteeing the highest quality on the market today.

We bring the passion of great artists and incredible chemists together to create one of the very best vape experiences on the planet! Music, visual arts, dance, horticulture, chemistry, and engineering, all mixed into one fantastic cannabis brand...ABSTRAKT!